Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moving to wordpress...

I'm in the middle of moving my blog over to I will be spending the next few weeks fiddling with the smaller details of design, the sort of detail that can get someone like me wrapped up for days doing, but not accomplishing anything :).

I was impressed that I was able to just export all my old posts over to wordpress, by clicking a "magic button", literally, that's what it was labeled as. It's all automated, and a really painless process.

The reason for the move was for more robust visitor tracking.

I have some pretty cool ideas in mind for my new blog, as far as design goes, so we'll see how far wordpress allows me to hack it. I would like to get some processing.js sketches in my design, maybe in the background, or the banner, or both! if it's possible. If not, I might consider writing something myself, and hosting it myself, but I'm not there yet.


  1. Good luck with the transitioning to WordPress!

  2. Processing.js is now in Android..Check it out:

    There is a FREE Ad-supported version in the market as well.

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